Since 2001, Samrudhi Fab-Tech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has proven to be a leader in the material handling systems and generated metal fabricating industry. Providing our customers with practical, innovative up with reliable support and service, has earned a reputation for being a dependable and competitive partner.

Samrudhi Fab-Tech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a full service of material handling systems and general fabrication.
We offer complete single-source for part/ process development, design, manufacture, testing, installation, erection, service and support.
In today’s business world it is refreshing to find a strong partner that you can trust.

A partner that has the equipment, people and experience to quickly respond to your needs; Samrudhi Fab-Tech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is that partner.
Your future depends on your quality & changes in product, volume, manufacturing methods and needs.

The Samrudhi Fab-Tech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. team is committed to your success by providing standard flexible systems
that can be reconfigured and redeveloped for the next program or the next shift.

We also supply custom equipment built from many standard modules that offer value at the end of the program.

A Company engaged in manufacturing of

Material Handling Equipment
Machining, jigs & Fixture
Fabrication and Structural work
SS & Sheet Metal Work
Aluminium Extrusion Section
Aluminum Partitions & Composite Panel Work