Heavy Duty Racking Systems

This system is designed for optimized storage of goods of all sizes and weight. Being foremost metal storage manufacturers and dealers of India, we are popularly identified as heavy duty rack manufacturers. Each manufacturing industry has specialty of its own. Being able to produce any complex range of product with minimal cost values we are said to belong to the topper level in rack manufacturing. Incorporation of modern techniques and systematic manufacturing procedure has made us to achieve growth in early phase. With low maintenance our products can be easily portable with adequate facilities.

We experiment the rack features and only if the entire criterion is satisfied we release them into the market. We also consider the interior designing of the racks and manufacture the racks. Being built with higher withstanding capacity our racks are also able to bear multi level of loaded goods. With high texture and durability in our product we are identified as the best heavy duty rack manufacturers. Also we are the leading Flow Rack Manufacturers, where we produce high quality First in First Out (FIFO) rack utilizing latest cutting-edge technology and provide across the country in most cost-efficient price. We have devised two types of design; normal and full roller. Full roller can hold higher capacities and has fewer wearable components.

Heavy duty rack

SFT-HDR01 -High Rise Storage Rack

SFT-HDR02 -High Rise Storage Rack

SFT-HDR03 -High Rise Storage Rack

SFT-HDR04 -High Rise Storage Rack

SFT-HDR05 -High Rise Storage Rack

SFT-HDR06 -High Rise Storage Rack

SFT-HDR07 -High Rise Storage Rack

SFT-HDR08 -High Rise Storage Rack

SFT-HDR09 -High Rise Storage Rack

SFT-HDR10 -High Rise Storage Rack

SFT-HDR11 -High Rise Storage Rack

SFT-HDR12 -High Rise Storage Rack

SFT-HDR13 -High Rise Storage Rack

SFT-HDR14 -Jali Partition.

SFT-HDR15 -Storage jali Door

SFT-HDR16 -Jali Partition.

SFT-HDR17 -High Rise Storage Rack

Medium Duty rack

SFT-MDR01 Medium Duty Rack

SFT-MDR02 -Medium Duty Rack

SFT-MDR03 -Medium Duty Rack

SFT-MDR04 -Medium Duty Rack

SFT-MDR05-Medium Duty Rack

SFT-MDR06-Medium Duty Rack

SFT-MDR07-Medium Duty Rack


SFT-FFR01 -Fifo Rack with Roller

SFT-FFR02 -Fifo Rack with Roller

SFT-FFR03 -Fifo Rack with Roller

SFT-FFR04 -Fifo Rack with Roller

SFT-FFR05 -Fifo Rack with Roller

SFT-FFR06 -Fifo Rack with Roller

SFT-FFR07 -Fifo Rack

SFT-FFR08 -Fifo Rack with Roller

SFT-FFR09 -Fifo Rack with Roller

Mold Storage Rack

SFT-MSR-01-Mold Storage Rack

SFT-MSR-02-Mold Storage Rack

SFT-MSR-03-Mold Storage Rack

SFT-MSR-04-Mold Storage Rack

SFT-MSR-05-Mold Storage Rack

SFT-MSR-06-Mold Storage Rack

SFT-MSR-07-Mold Storage Rack

SFT-MSR-08-Mold Storage Rack

Compactor Storage Systems










Slotted Angle Steel Rack

SFT-SAL-01-Slotted Angle Rack

SFT-SAL-02-Slotted Angle Rack

SFT-SAL-03-Self Adjustable Slotted Rack

SFT-SAL-04-Adjustable Slotted Rack

SFT-SAL-05-Retailer Rack

SFT-SAL-06-Slotted Angle Rack

SFT-SAL-07-Slotted Angle Rack

SFT-SAL-08-Slotted Angle Rack

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack

Industrial Mezzanine floor

SFT-01 Mezzinine Floor

SFT-02 Mezzinine Floor

SFT-03- Mezzinine Floor

SFT-04-Mezzinine Floor

SFT-05-Mezzinine Floor

SFT-06- Mezzinine Floor

SFT-07-Mezzinine Floor

SFT-08-Mezzinine Floor

SFT-09- Goods Lifts

SFT-10- Goods Lifts